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Original Post:
by: Aune on Apr 24, 2015

Things are aligning a lot in this hour. It's rather intense. My relationship with my mom has been horrible for most of my life. I have come to the realization that in order for the 'stars to align' to move on from one thing or another, the relationship with my mother has to change first. I first noticed this when I made sacrifices to her-and I got what i needed.

I sent my mother an email clarifying clarity I have had on our relationship, apologies for how i acted as a child.. etc. I've also been met with some very real thoughts and resources to really pick apart the issues in life I am currently surfing through casually but have been awakened to me that the casual surfing wont last.

My mother emailed me a response, thanking me and insist we see each other which hasn't happened in years. I didn't read it as soon as she sent it, i realize i had received the helpful resources and was absorbing them when she had sent it.

Now I'm very curious- how heavy is the weight of the relationship with your mother? Is this personal karma? I'm looking for any other thoughts on the topic to know if I'm trying to form a pattern that isn't actually there or not.