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Original Post:
by: MaidenCrow on May 13, 2014

Okay, so.... I'm Wiccan and my boyfriend is agnostic and isn't sure if things like God. He knows I'm Wiccan and respects my beliefs. I've done a protection spell for him and he thinks it's cute; he also thinks it's cute when I bless things. I feel like I can talk to him about anything, but I still have trouble and am nervous sharing my religion with him. Sometimes it's understandable--like the time I tried telling him about images I saw during meditation once and he told me I had just fallen asleep and was dreaming, even though I know that didn't happen. But I still want to share things with him and would like some tips and pointers in how to do this. We've talked about it a couple times before, but we normally don't talk about that kind of stuff and I'm always the one to bring it up and I get real nervous with it sometimes. And I hate having people around to hear us when we do talk about this kind of stuff. I would just like some advice on how I can start sharing things with him without getting so nervous or at least getting over the nerves???