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Original Post:
by: User260243 on Apr 28, 2014

Every night, or rather everytime I sleep (for I always dream when I sleep) , I have dreams in which the same man is in desperate need of my help. The trouble is almost always different, ranging from zombies to demons, and even dinosaurs. But the man is always the same man, and although there are several figures in my dreams, he needs my help specifically. The trouble is this: I can only remember my dream for up to thirty seconds after I awaken, and so can't remember who exactly he may be, nor tiny details which may help me. Because I have so little time to remember, writting them down is out of the question. If it had only happened a few times I would not bother to take notice. But I feel these dreams are trying to tell me something very important and I can not ignore them any longer. My breaking point was last nights dream, in which a very lovely woman (who was most certainly not human) handed me a scroll and a metal, but hollow pen- like device and told me they would help me find the answers I seek. I remember looking over these items several times, and know that the scroll contained symbols- another language perhaps. There was only one English word, at the very top, and I only remember that it contained the letter "K". I do not remember anything else about them, other than the "pen" glowed with a blue and white hue when I touched it, but faded to a rusty red when I set it down. The last detail in my dream that I remember is a name, written on a piece of paper. The name was "Amon". I realize this is the name of a daemon, and a god in human history and have no idea why it is relevant to the man, but it stuck out at me with an air of importance, so I felt I should tell you that as well. The most important thing to me is that if there is someone that really does need my help, that I help them as best as I can. I recognize this man everytime I see him in my dream, but can not remember (no matter how hard I try) who he is while I'm awake. It is truly torturing me, and I can no longer brush it off as "only a dream". I post this thread with the hopes that someone will be able to help ME, so that I can take the best action possible. If anyone can help, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and Blessed be.