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Original Post:
by: UpTilMorning on Feb 07, 2014

Hi. So, for the longest time, I have been able to get whatever I want. If I wanted to get a candy bar at the store, I simply ask whatever parent I'm with, and I get it. If it's some game, I usually can get it whenever I want. I have also once talked to my teacher about a grade and asked him to change it, and with no real incentive (money or anything else) he did so. He could have gotten in huge trouble for it, but luckily no one noticed. This kind of stuff has been happening all my life, and I was wondering if I had some sort of hypnotic power over others. I wouldn't be worried, but recently, I told a bully in my school "Just go jump off a cliff. It wouldn't be a huge loss for the world." Well, the bully stopped harassing me, but for a moment, I was afraid that he would just go jump off a cliff. So, basically, I am wondering if I do have some sort of power, and if I do, I was hoping for some suggestions on how to control it.