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Original Post:
by: Glamorous on Dec 22, 2013

Hello. I know in the past there have been many arguments regaurding this topic, but this is something important to me that I would like to full understand. For the past five months, I have added magick into my life. I follow no specific path, because I still do not have a full understanding of what each one means or how it would suite me, personally and spiritually, but for the time being, I will remain a Biblical Christian. I have full faith and belief in tje Christan God (whom I "worship"), but I have a few questions regarding Him and my new way of life.

1.) I have herd may claim that practicing the arts of Magick is a one way ticket to "hell", and these words are stated strickly from the Holy Bible. But how can I continue doing what I do without being afraid of the consequences in the "after-life"? How can I avoid them, any loop-holes?

2.) How can I interpret my Magick into my life, still be "okay" with God and still do... things with the other deities?

3.) A few days ago, my friend told me that she didn't want to be involved with my Magickal life because she was afraid of the Bible and what it said against it. I told her it was okay and I understood, but for future reference when I tell someone, how can I explain to them in a way that they would understand it isn't necessarily... "bad"?

Thanks for the help. Sorry if some of that seemed a bit redundant, as well.

- Maximum