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Original Post:
by: User276701 on Nov 30, 2013

I was reading about empathy, (the ability to sense emotions in others)and realize I am an empath(or will be). My husband and I have dealt with people that are extremely narcissistic and or Psychopathic. (You don't have to kill to be one). His step father, although NOT violent, we think is a psychopath. He is very good at conning people. But I have noticed that I never get any vibes or feelings of him even hiding any emotions. I can see that the only vibes we will feel come from the stressful situations he starts, usually involving my mother in law. Now,since EMPATHY deals with emotions and TELEPATHY deals in thoughts, would mental telepathy be the only way to sense bad intentions in someone, like a serial killer? I've always wondered how people could end up victims of serial killers, but if there is no way to sense emotions in them, I guess I can see why. Any thoughts?