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Original Post:
by: Arlas on Jul 22, 2013

Does anyone here ever go out to a graveyard here to offer prayers for the dead? If so, how do you think one should go about praying? Do you think that they should pray to a higher power, or to the dearly departed?

Personally: I go out, with my unfinished staff and dressed in all black. I go to the graveyard, and kneel at a few graves and offer my thanks for being a member of the Earth and returning their essence to that which they've risen from.

On Full Moon nights (93-100% Full) I offer my thanks to the fundamentally good spirits. Without them, the world would be a dark and cruel place.

On New Moon nights (0-5% Full) I offer luck to the fundamentally bad spirits and wish them well in their next incarnation.

Anywho, just my thoughts.