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by: User95440 on Aug 23, 2010

I found this article and liked it and wanted to share it, disclaimer, and a very warm thanks to copy and paste!

Gypsy Superstitions and other Lore

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Do not cry, thy tears will sear the heart of the dead (after the death of a loved one). Let the dead rest in peace, do not use their names or eat their favourite food. They like to pitch their tent near a holly tree because they beleived it would give them divine protection (holy tree). To see a mule shaking itself, is a sign of good luck. A moth hovering around a candle flame, means a letter in the morning To see a white horse in the morning, means good luck all day. If a coal or wood fire makes any kind of noise, it means a quarrel in the offing. To spit on ones hand after seeing a wagtail, means that money is on its way. If the right hand will be paid out. If the left hand will be recieved. A tickling nose is a sign of getting drunk. An itching of the right eye means sadness. An itching of the left eye is a sign of happiness to come. At the new moon, spit on a little stone, then throw it in the air, if it comes down wet...there will be much sickness...if dry, good luck to come. Frogs spawn thrown over the left shoulder for good luck. If one of the bearers at a funeral stumbles there will be another death. A baby keeps its luck in the grimy lines of its hands. A baby born at full moon will be lucky. A baby born at midnight before the sabbath, it will be under a curse. To see a shooting star is a sign of death

Animals and their omens Birds Crows are shrouded in mystery, considered to be exceptionally wise and intelligent, some gypsies say that crows live to be 300 years old. To see one crow means sorrow, and two together means joy. A crow standing in the road signifies a happy journey, while a dead crow in the road, would cause a gypsy to turn back. Rooks To have a property with a rookery on it, is seen as very fruitful, but if the rooks should leave then that is taken as a bad omen. In Ireland, when one was buying a property that was blessed with a rookery the deal was considered null and void if the rooks deserted the rookery within one year. Magpies Also a member of the crow family are a sign of good luck if two are seen together. One on its own foretells a theft. Robins and wrens These are both lucky creatures, they bring good news if they fly into your home, but a dead robin or wren near your door is a bad omen. Owls To hear an owl in day ime is a bad omen, like wise to hunt or kill an owl. Animals Cats and Dogs If a black cat should cross your path, expect good luck. If a dog howls for no reason, expect a death. Foxes If a fox crosses your path, an opportunity will be given to you, if he stops and looks at you your ambitions will be fullfilled. Horses A white horse was once the symbol of the celtic goddess Epona, and thus should be greeted with respect or you may draw misfortune to yourself. But you can tell the horse your hopes and wishes and they will come true. Stoats and Weasels To them playing together foretells happiness in the family, but if they are fighting, means squabbles and disputes in the family.

Weather Lore Who better to tell which way the weather will go, than the Romani? Clouds 'Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning' A mackerel sky predicts a fine day in the morrow, as long as the clouds are high and fine. A greenish tinge in the sky mean's rain is on the way. 'Rain before seven, fine by eleven'. The Moon If the sun shines through the cloud's and has a halo, then fine weather is expected, a halo around the moon means rain within three days. If the cresent moon appears to have her horns facing upwards, she is holding her water, the weather will be fine. A small high cold silver moon means frost. Major changes in the weather normally occur at the moons quarter. Stars If stars are small and seem to blink, there will be wind the next day. If they are large and blink there will be wind and rain A thunderstorm at night, will freshen the air for twelve hours. Lightening at night without thunder, the next day will be humid. Mist and Fires A low mist ensures a fine day. Mist high on the hills brings rain. If the smoke from a fire draws high and straight into the sky fine weather it will be. If smoke clings to the ground, rain is on the way When fire burns bright and steady in spring or autumn expect a frost

To Dream of......... Cats, snakes, lizards, a bull or knives, is unlucky A white horse or a mule is lucky Fire, there will be a summonds Newly sprouted grass or of lightening means there will be a funeral A large house means jail Dogs or people quarrelling means friends will come Horses means news A fish swimming means there will be a scandal Dreams come true in the autumn If a dream is remembered in the morning it will come true