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Original Post:
by: Theia on Sep 30, 2015

This oil is a personal recipe of mine, I created it with some of the ingredients that I have. This can attract love towards you, and it can also strengthen a relationship that's already blossoming.

Tools needed:

  • Mortar and Pestle


  • Base oil. This can range from olive oil to vegetable oil, or any other kinds you can find. I prefer to use almond oil, because it is lighter, and provides a slightly sweet and nutty scent to your oil. If you are on a budget, olive oil will do just the same.
  • Pomegranate Oil
  • Aphrodisiac Oil (Not for the word's purpose, but for the scent of it)
  • Rose Petals and/or Buds (dried and crushed are preferred)
  • Crushed Sage (dried is preferred)
  • Vanilla Seeds (optional)

Begin with a prayer to Aphrodite(or if you work with a different love deity, work with them instead). It can be something you pulled from a source, or a prayer that you created on your own. Ask if She will aid in your workings. If it's anything love related at all, most likely She won't hesitate to help.

Second, take a few pinches of rose and put it in your mortar, add a pinch of sage. Crush together, clockwise, bringing love energy towards you. Begin to add your fragrant oils. Five drops of Aphrodisiac oil, and two drops of Pomegranate oil. The reason behind less Pomegranate, is that it's more fragrant than the other. Mix and enchant. Add your base oil last. Thank the deity that you worked with.