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Original Post:
by: SpiritWitch8 on Sep 19, 2023

I wanted to write this to see if any others who can astral project have every come across this or a similar place on the astral plane. I found several libraries on the astral plane, the rows of books made the place to walk between them quite narrow and the place looked as if it were underground. There were "doorways" where little "plaques" rested a top of the "door frame" where various subjects were listed, such as one for necromancy, protection magic, curse breaking , etc. The entrance to one of this libraries resembled the head of a dragon where you would walk "into the dragon's mouth" come to a door and would need to speak a sort of password , if one attempted to enter without saying a password it would feel as though you hit a "invisible wall" , barrier spell/ boundary spell. This library was called "The Library of Dreams", the God[dess] Hecate told me about this place so I wanted to check it out. Has anyone else every come across any places such as this when they have astral projected? Let me know in the comments.