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Original Post:
by: MythicMaster on Oct 10, 2016

I had a dream that I was very aware of, and I was in the area I am familiar with, but this area I haven't seen before. Like, it wasn't "familiar" just relevant. I asked my mother about the area and she said that before I was even born they lived in an area where that was.

She took me to the spot and it was just like the dream.

But in this dream I was being chased by a lion. I look back to run and there is a few kids that I never seen before. The lion is very close to me and I grab a kid on the shoulder and push him. The lion eats him, and the screams are very unforgettable. This was also scary for me because never have I had a dream with blood in it.

Next thing I know I am in a building with a store name. (not saying the name to protect where I live). And this place I asked my mom, she said long before I was born the place existed but got bought out. I never heard this store ever in my life till that moment.

It ends way out of my control with me turning into the building and then I just woke up.

So, what is going on? What could it mean?