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Original Post:
by: remes on Jun 24, 2015

Merry meet to all

Last night I had an extremely strange dream - I dreamed that I was being captured and confronted by German Nazis in the 1940s

It was absolutely frightening and so so real. In my dream I knew that they were speaking German to me and I was responding back in German, but I could understand it in my own language.

I was to be sent to a concentration camp, but that is all I knew. I was so scared and expected the worst to come. The interrogation was violent and very disrespecting the way they asked me question and spoke to me. I felt like nothing. I was instructed to take off my clothes and that is when I woke up from the dream.

Since it felt so real I realized this morning that I could have been Astral Projecting. But than again I was also taken back into time... Is that even possible with astral projection, or was it past life experience.

I realize that it could have just been a normal nightmare. But than I would have associated it with something I've seen on tv lately or maybe from a book or conversation I recently had. But I have not had any of these. Having a world war Nazi dream was quite bizarre. For the record I am not Jewish or European. I do have a Paternal Great-Great Grand Father in my gene pool who had Jewish roots.

What is your views on this?

Blessed be