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Original Post:
by: Shasnas on Dec 02, 2014

When I took a small nap, I tried to wake up. I couldn't move my physical right arm, but did move it. I don't think I was experiencing that paralysis thing(maybe I was). Though I was aware of my surroundings. I couldn't see anything, again, I couldn't control my body. I felt disconnected(no I wasn't possessed). I tried opening my eyes, but I still couldn't see anything. I then felt like my astral body vibrate. I touched my stomach and it shocked my hand! It felt like my hand was going to be pulled in and be destroyed. Then I focused on getting attached to my body to fully move. Then I finally opened my eyes and could see again.
So my question is, did I really experience a small AP? Or was it really that paralysis thing going on? I was a bit freaked out when I "woke up" to only see nothing but darkness. I wasn't wearing a blind fold and I thought for a second there that I've gone blind. That wasn't the case, I just couldn't control my body until I forced myself to get attached to it. I hope this is making sense. I'm trying my hardest to explain.