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Original Post:
by: Brysing on Jul 31, 2015

In old times, when almost all humans worked in Agriculture,Lammas was the rest period after the first harvest had been gathered in.
A holiday. A celebration of the good things given to us by Mother Earth.
Here in Yorkshire, as elsewhere, only a few work in Agriculture. Lammas became a Christian holiday, and the first Harvest Festival of the year. But we still wanted the celebration of Lammas; as it always was. So, here where I live, Lammas became "Yorkshire Day".
In my village there is a street market, lots of attractions for children, lots of beer for the adults!
Lammas is very old; it was once celebrated at the top of a hill, or better still, a mountain. (Still is, in Ireland!)
But, no matter how the celebrations go,Yorkshire Day or Harvest Festival, it is still Lammas. And long may it continue.