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Original Post:
by: Linxxus on Nov 05, 2010

[b]Understanding Online Covens[/b]

Many people have their opinions of both. A coven is a group of like-minded individuals with similar interests and activities. There is much debate whether or not an coven online should be accepted as a coven at all. When by definition a coven is, as stated above, a group. It makes no difference whether the group uses online communications rather than meeting in person.

Those who are unfamiliar with online covens question the functionality of one. Usually a coven is formed to honor and pray to their deities, celebrate wiccan/pagan holidays and offer eachother spiritual guidance and support. Many questions arise when it comes to these things. How can an online coven do what offline covens do?

Due to the complications of not meeting it is difficult for an internet coven to practice rituals together in a circle, there are alternative methods to this. So, as online or offline does not determine whether a coven is in fact a coven, tasks, requirements etc are performed differently. Although members of online covens may honor their deities and celebrate their holidays physically on their own, this does not mean that an online coven can not schedule tasks for members of the coven to perform collectively (as an example). Many online covens schedule activities like this. Again, there are many alternative methods for online covens to still function as offline covens do, just a bit differently.

Both types deserve the same amount of respect. Many online covens share very personal and very powerful experiences with one another. As we all know online communication has grown
tremendously over the years and continues to do so. What is available to us online allows those who are unable to contribute locally in their own towns the ability to access a more convenient way to be a part of a magickal community/coven.