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Original Post:
by: Neulife on Sep 04, 2019

I'm a freelance graphic designer, been doing gfx things for about 4 years. I'm willing to make all these covens a free logo out of the kindness of my heart. This isn't an advertisement I'm just making a generous offer because most of these logos look like text over Google images. Spell casters logo is okay and probably the only original one. But I can design a lot better I feel.

Simply mail me what you want specifically. Colors, symbolism, theme, etc. I'm making one for Black Twilight and Baying Wolves currently.

Again. Not an ad. Free of charge for nothing. I just wanna see better logos.

Covens I personally believe need a new logo but I mean no offense:

- Element Magick (your logo is just text + Google image)

- Gypsy Witchcraft (you have no logo but I dunno what I'd design you so if interested request something specific)

- Ravens Gate (you have no logo, making a Raven would be easy)

- Teen Witches (your logo looks like a Google image but it kinda works for you guys)

- Christian Witches (I could design like a cross and some wiccan symbolism combined or something)

- The Broom Closest

- Angelic Touch

- Eclipse (okay your gif is kinda cool and to the point, but I can make an eclipse symbol if desired)

I can make gifs too. I understand the sizes. Logos are 300x250 and icons are 16x16