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Original Post:
by: SobreDosis on Jul 26, 2017

Hello everyone.

Since I am in some need of money lately, I decide to advertise myself on here. If you're interested on any of the things I'm about to write, please be sure to get in contact with me through the mail system of the website.
So far I only accept paypal as the

-Tarot readings: ~5$
I will do tarot readings for you. 5$ per reading. I have my own spreading choices, but be sure I drag out the necessary cards. I won't charge more if I have to drag out more cards.

-Servitors: ~20$
I will create and feed servitors for you, after a week since their creation, I will give them to you as your own spirit to work with.
I will give them the image you most want, and/or specialize them in the topics you most desire. I also create servitors for general purpose.
Price may vary according to demands.

-Spellworking: ~50$
I will cast spells for you. Please, be realistic in your demands.
I will do the proper divinatory work before doing it, and proceed as I see most fits.
Price may vary according to the demanded spell. 50$ is just the base price.

Please, I hope you all understand I have the last word, and it's my choice to carry on the magickal tasks for you or now. This will mostly apply for spellworking.

Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope I can work well for all of you!