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Original Post:
by: UnluckyCat on May 07, 2017

Just a disclaimer. I am still practicing doing runic and cartomancy readings so please do not come yelling at me if it's not accurate. That's the reason why my readings are for free right now and not priced in any way.
If you want a reading all you have to tell me is.
Your first name (that's it really.)
Runes or Cartomancy.
Your question.
And what type of spread you want (options below)
Runes: runic toss, thee rune draw.
Cartomancy: three card draw, week draw (seven cards, one for each day and one more for an overal,) year draw (same was the week draw but just with 12 for each month and one more for an overall.)
Another disclaimer, I believe that the future isn't fixed and that you can change it if you absolutely wanted to.
Blessed be.