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Original Post:
by: Chaosxbliss on Jul 23, 2014

I've been doing Witchcraft religiously since 2010, though I have fallen in and out of it and slacked off a few times over the four years.
I don't and never have belonged to a coven, though I did work with a girl I dated for a few months before we had a falling out.
I'm looking for a teacher of sorts. I do know most of the basics and some more advanced stuff but I don't think I know as much as I should and I always want to learn and challenge myself more and more.

Here is my background and current situation:
So I'm a 22 year old Female from the US, I have a Cancer Sun sign and a Aries Moon sign.
I don't have a path really, though I was kind of a Celtic witch for sometime but I think that I want a different path. I'm looking into several at the moment, including Druidism, Gypsy witchcraft, Voodoo, and Shamanism. Anyone working with these paths that could help me learn these ways would be wonderful.
I'm interested in Nature based magick, Energy work, Healing, Divination (scrying, tarot/cards, vision working, dreamwork, astral travel), Cleansing and banishing, Aura, Empathic work (I believe I am a empath, but I'm not sure how to control it), Herbalism and crystal work.
I also want to learn more about Deities and elemental spirits to be summoned.

I'm looking for people to help me learn and give lessons and such I can do to get stronger and work on my life. Anyone that has knowledge on the things I've mentioned and would be willing to help me please mail me.
Thank you.