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Original Post:
by: Vilhjalmr on Aug 04, 2011

I practice old magic, from three main sources: Graeco-Egyptian papyri, Hermetic texts, and medieval grimoires. I specialize in creating talismans and amulets, but also do ritual work (example: confidence, curse-breaking), and can offer advice or magical mentoring.

Price varies upon service requested; my time is not cheap, but magical work is a pleasure and I make very little profit. Ask for pricing in any of the following services:

1.) creation or enchantment of an object with requested powers
2.) enactment of a spell to bring about a desired result
3.) instruction and help with one's own magical work.

Message me - advice is free!

e-Bay store with talismans and amulets coming soon, as powerful as I can make them. I am taking requests now, as they can take weeks to create.

One or two well-known members of my choice will receive a free talisman in return for giving an honest review of its power or lack thereof. These members will NOT be chosen yet, so don't bother asking, please. However, the first two members to buy an enchanted object will be on top of the list for an extra free one.

Please private message all requests; this thread is for general questions and reviews only.