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Original Post:
by: Madi3220 on Jan 29, 2018

So, I'm still pretty new to white magic and I just got a note book from a spiritual shop near my college dorm. It's on the small side, about the size of your average flash card and about 100 pages (give or take a few). As I said I live in a dorm for college therefore, I can not use anything that involves smoke or fire. I would go out side, but because I live right around the corner from Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles the noise makes it hard for me to consentrate. Long story short, I want to be able to work on my own white magic book of shadows but being a bit limited due to the strict rules around things like fire and smoke my hands are a little bit tided (I'm also on a budget). Anyways, I asked for some tips the other day and got some really good advice. However, if anyone else has any help to spare that would be great. (P.S. I'm open to try anything that does not involve things like drugs, alchole, etc. I also live in a 1 person room and since the dorm used to be a hotel I have my own bathroom with a tub so I'm open to bath related stuff). Thank you :)