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Original Post:
by: Xenethes on Jul 14, 2017

I picked up a piece of driftwood a while back and I've decided to make it into a wand. I've got some stones picked out and even a double-ended quartz crystal for the end. As much as I want to make this, I cant find ANYWHERE how to use a wand properly or what it's uses are. All I can find are what a wand is, how to make one, and different types of wood. I'm not sure what KINDS of runes I want on there either or.. Really anything.

Materials using to make wand:
-Driftwood (Dont know what kind of wood)
-Smokey quartz crystal (Double-ended)
-Rainbow moonstone
-Cat's eye
-Crow feathers (Dont know where to buy these)
-Leather straps (Dont know where to buy these)