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Original Post:
by: DrawingWater on May 27, 2014

Hi everyone. I'm here because I am coming back to what I felt was right- on my own, without influence, for a change, from others. Until I find a 'way' that is same as mine I suppose I have to call myself Eclectic. When I was practicing Wicca years ago, the 'coven' I was in soured me then my ex changed paths to something I was completely uncomfortable with and he soured me- of everything.
After we divorced I felt lost and had no help for a while, till I was pushed to christian churches. I think I just went along..... But I don't believe it. I mean I don't believe the world works the way the Bible says-- that's a whole different discussion that I don't want to get into.
To simplify- I guess I might be called a 'returning pagan'? I seek to find my spark again. I am insanely happy with my new spouse, though, so I must keep this hidden. He knows I no longer call myself Christian, yet he does not agree with my take on things and he seems sad when I try to at least let him know how I am feeling (on this subject.) I think he prefers a 'I can't see it, it doesn't bother me' kind of arrangement.
I hope this makes sense. I had to get it out. And I feel the need of support. It's all about the Christian god around here (where I live) and he's just not for me. I would appreciate any input.
*Drawing Water*