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Spell Index => Spiritual Spells => Summon Spells

There are two main types of summon spells. Those which conjure objects and those which conjure spirits.

Spells which conjure spirits are relatively simple to cast and rarely have negative consequences to casting.

However, those spells which conjure spirits are some of the most powerful spells in existence. Only a true caster can cast these spells correctly. When these spells are cast incorrectly the caster is usually haunted for the rest of their lives by the tormented soul they tried to conjure.

More Free Summon Spells

Protective Arms
Summon a Cat Familiar
Summon Zeveron
Twinkling Water Sprite Spell
Druidic Nighterror
Summoning Hatred and Energy
*Dragonflies Appear To Me*
*Presence Of Fey*
A Money Spell
A Spirit-Summoning Spell
An Idea For You
Angel spell
Angel Summoning
Anime Gate Spell
Automatic Writing spell
Basic Search Spell
Become a half God/Goddess
Bring a Storm
Bring life
Bring lover to you
Bringing back virginity spell
Bringing winds
Call A Spirit
Call of Demons
Call Succubus with Blood
Call the Ice Dragon
Call Your Dragon Gaurdian
Calling on your spirits
Calling the light
Casting/Closing A Circle
Cat Spell
Choose your Guardian Demon
Conjuration of the Spirit pt2
Contact the Spirits
Controlling the Einherjar
Controlling the Kumo
Create A PSI Ball
Create an Angelic Servant
Create Liife/Human Being
Dark core increase
dark Spirit Magnet
Death portal creation
Demon favor
Djinn from Lilith
Dragen Sumaner
Dragon making
Dragon summonning
Druidic Finance Spell
Earth work
Egyptian Mummy Protection
Emotional Ripples Of Water
End Your Demon Possesion
Energy Summoning Spell
Familair ThoughtForm
Finding Spell
Fire socoucer updated
Gabriels Hand
Get a Demon inside your heart
God spell*works*
Guardian Angel Spell
Guardian Awakening
Hear Me Vampire Mother
How to call a vampire
how to find your Dragon guide
How To Summon A Flower Fairy
How To Summon A Tree Fairy.
how to summon Jeff the killer
Imp Summoning by Chromatic
Incubus Formal Invitation
Inhance Wind Spell
Invocation to Anubis
Invocation to Freyja
Invoke Hades
Invoking The Mistress Of Blood
Ki Star
Latin Spirit Summoning
Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram
Lightning Summon
Lost Items Spell
Love Spell for Singles
Loving Spirits Oil Ritual
Magic to Magic Spell
Make a Sun Charm
Make someone love you spell
Make your own Spell
Make your own wand
Mild Hurricane
Mr. Right
Nine Layers of Hell Curse
Onyx encasement spell
Open/Close a Beast Gate
Phoenix Companion
Pixie's Appearence
Posses the power of the Devil
Preparatory Spell
Protect Me Completely
Protection Spell By Kk
Raging Hordes
Rain Spell
Realm Creation
Relm Creation spell
Reveal or hear spirits
Sahia Air Manifestations
Sahia Fire Manifestations
Sahia Spirit Manifestations
School Fly-Bye Spell
Servitor/egregore care
Sex Angel (instantly)
Sinful Delight
Soul Charging (S
Spell to Summon a Spirit
Spell to summon MR.Right
Spell to Summon the Dead
Spirit Guide
Spirit Summoning
Spirit Summons
Spirit Sword
Storm Summoning
Summon a Bus
Summon a Creeper Demon
Summon a Dragon
Summon a Dragon
Summon a Faery
Summon a fairy spell
Summon a Pokemon
Summon A Spirit
Summon a spirit (basic)
Summon a vampire by: Midnght
Summon a Wolf
Summon an angel to your aid
Summon Anything You Want
Summon Black Mary (risky)
Summon fish to you
Summon Holly Hollows
Summon Kasdeya
Summon Spell for Wind
summon The Angel Michael
Summon the Dead
Summon the Grim Reaper
Summon the wolf spirit
Summon Volos
Summon Your Angel
Summon your Dragon
Summon Your Spirit Weapon(s)
Summoning a Ancient
Summoning a Dark fairy
Summoning a Demon Co.Magician
Summoning an undead slave
Summoning Family Witches
Summoning Magic Items
Summoning Rain
Summoning Spirits
Summoning the Angelic knights
Summoning the gate keeper
Summoning the Jade Dragon
Summoning the Jade Dragon
Summoning the Phoenix
Summoning Tips
Teleportation Spell
The awesome clone spell
The Dragon of the Flames
The Dragon of the Winds
The Perfect Companion II
The Phoenix Tear
The Summoning of Phoenix
The water dragon
Thunder Spell
To Attract Pixies.
To Bring The Clouds
To Call a Spirit
To Call The Dragon Sairys
To Create A Sunny Day
To Find a Lost Object
To find What is Lost
To Lure an evil spirit
To see what you are
To summon a energy shield
To summon a spirit
To Summon a Vampire Faery
To Summon Cute Guys
To summon Loki
To Summon the Spirits
To Sumon a Fairy
Transform into a vampire!
Twin Flame Love Spell
Vampire Summoning Spell
Venus Succubus Spell
Warlok summoning of the devil
Water Snake
Wave spell
Wind Blows
Wind Summon
Winter Storm Spell
Wolf Protection Spell
Wrath of the Dragon God
~Friendship Of Sprites~
Invocation to the Goddess and God
Summoning a cemetery spirit or ghost
The Conjuration of Archangel Azrael
The Conjuration of Archangel Chamuel
The Way to Meditation and the Astral Plane
To Establish A Connection With Someone Over A Distance
Summon Your Spirit Animal In A Dream
a letter to an Angel that will guide you to your journy
A Spell to Invoke a Dead Spirit or Ghost
Calling The Dragons of the Quarters
Control the Spirit of the Pheonix
Dark lady chant (copied from vampiricguy)
Dragon Spirit Summoning (Not fluffy, and I'm serious.)
Haunt A Old Friend Who Has Become An Enemy
How To Summon Your Own Cat With Powers!!!!
Incantation for Conjuring the Spirits of the Night
Lucifer blood summoning spell . black magic extremely dangerous !
protection from a an Evil Spirit or you can say Spell to Banish an Evil Spirit
Spell of Reconciliation,to summon the mutual love
Spell to separate a witch from her powers
Summon a Succubus ( Victorian Spell)
Summon Spirts from the depths of Hell
Summon the Spirit of a Loved One
Talking to animals through the mind.
To call upon your magick powers to start your magickal journey.
To Set A Spirit to Peace/Converse With A Spirit Safely
To summon the power of telekinesis
~Attract The Faeries Using A Faerie Ring~
26 angel summoning
anubis eye
ashels summoning
call a storm
calling your dragon familiar
door creating spell
fire dragon
get a helper
ink monster
make a dragon come to u
make a storm
moon and star summon girl
p3 power
queen of vampires (vampyres)
se bloody mary
servent spell
spell to bring heat lightning
spell to summon cryto
summon a demon
summon a snow storm
summon flame snake
summon ragoo
summon spell
summon the angel of death
summoning a vampire
summoning of the sandman
the curse of the evil cussion
to become a satonist.
to call the angle of death
bring all spirits under your attention.
create an elemental thoughtforms
hacates wrath(dangerouse to new practioners)
manifest a person place or thing
spell to summon the book of shadows
summon a succubus(female sexual demon)
to summon a dragon of your choice
Soul Attack (SM)
Summon a succubus
To Make a lot of Rain
Working with Angles
Summon a Creeper Demon
*Awaken A Spirit*
*Magick Circle*
*Summon a Fire Wolf*
A portal to underworld
Alchemical Decagram
Angel Spell
Angel summoning
Angelic Summoning
Attract Dragons
Basic Invocation
Be Followed by a Demon
Become HALF Demon!
Bring a toy to Life
Bring Love to you
Bring Spirits Spell
Bringing The Rain
Call a Spirit
Call Incubus with Blood
Call of the haunted
Call the demon Balfazor
Call To The Elements
Calling A Lost Witch Spell
Calling the 4 Corners
Calling the Quaters
Cat Communication Spell
Chant of a Demonic Slasher
Companion wolf from puppy
Contact a Spirit
Control the Elements
Controlling the Indos Worm
Controlling the Thunderbird
Create a servitor/minion
Create an Elemental Tiger
Curse Against Enemies
Dark Lady Chant
Darkness and Revultion Spell
Delete a clone
Demon Removal Spell
Door To Hell
Dragon empowerment
Dragon Summoning!
Dragon Traits
Duplication Spell.
Eavesdropping spell
Elemental Soul Charging (SM)
Empowerment of Nature
Energy Share
Fae Dream charm
Faery Call
Find An Item You Lost
Fire Dragon! (Summoning)
Follow me boy
General Invocation Spell
Get energy
Growth Assist
Guardian Angel Summon
Hand Levitation Spell
Hecate Summoning Prayer
House Protection
How to do Voodoo Magick
How to reconcile two people
How To Summon A House Fairy.
How to summon Dexter
How to Summon Slenderman
Incantation for Skill
Invocatin of the Horned God
Invocation to Baldur
Invocation to Freyr
Invokeing Manon
Key spell
Latin Necromancy Spell
Latin Summoning Spell
Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
Lost & Found Spell
Love Spell
Lover call me( HOODOO spell)
Lucky Charm
Magical Orb
Make a twin
Make something go on fire
Make your own Spell Hints
Micheal Protection Spell
Mirror spirit
Music note familiars
Ode To The Vampire Mother
Open a Hell Gate
Pheonix warmth spell
Physic Abilitys Enhance Potion
Pokemon Conjuration
Power Beyond
Protect a Room
Psi Sword
Rain Spell
Rain Summoning
Release The Inner You Spell
Resurrection Warning
Reverse Any Spell
Sahia Earth Manifestations
Sahia Sacrifice
Sahia Water Manifestations
Servitors to Egregores
Shadow call
Sigils to Servitors
Snake Familiar Spell
Spell to be Stronger
Spell to Summon Mr. Right
Spell to Summon the Dead
Spirit Animal
Spirit Summoning
Spirit Summoning Spell
Spirit Summons
Succubus Formal Invitation
Summon a Bus
Summon a Clone Of Yourself!!!
Summon a Demon
Summon A Dragon
Summon a Faerie
Summon a Fairy
Summon a Frog
Summon a spectral lover
Summon a Spirit
Summon a Spiritual Dragon
Summon a Watcher
Summon a wolf
Summon an guardian angel
Summon Black Jaypes
Summon Dark Skeleton
Summon Future Self
Summon Impling Familiar
Summon Speed Spell
Summon spirit to talk to
Summon The Dead
Summon The Great Demons
Summon the sun Powerfully
Summon Undead Lord
Summon Waves
Summon Your Angel(Easier)
Summon Your Inner Spirit....
Summoning A Cool Breeze
Summoning a Demon Co-magician
Summoning a spirit
Summoning Dog Potion
Summoning Ghosts and Spirits
Summoning of Dead Souls
Summoning Slenderman
Summoning the Ancestors
Summoning the Dead
Summoning the Gods
Summoning the Jade Dragon
Summoning the Jade Dragon
Summoning Tips
Summons Saint Micheal's Sword
The Angels Calling
The Dragon of the Earth
The Dragon of the Tides
The Midnight Game (rewritten)
The Perfect Mate
The Summoning of Phoenix
The Vortex of Magdalene.
Thunder of Ares
Time Travel (Advanced)
To Bless a Familiar
To call a long lost witch
To Call on celestial aid
To Contact a Spirit
To Find a Lost Item
To Find Love
To Find Whats Missing
To lure an evil spirit
To Summon A Fairy
To Summon a Lover
To Summon A Storm
To Summon Cute Girls
To Summon Kima
To Summon the Dead
To summon the wind
To Vanquish a Ghost
Turn one's self into a vampire
Uniorn Healing Spell
Vampire Spell
Vampyre Spell 2/ SUMMON
Wand Spell
Water Dragon Protection
Water Summoning
Who is haunting me?
Wind Call
Wind summoning
Wish grater spell,Become one
Wolf Summoning
~Angelic Spirit Guides~
Conjuring the archangel Azrael
Official Vampire Spell (By Insidious)
The Conjuration of Archangel Ariel
The Conjuration of Archangel Cassiel
The Creation of a Bahamut-Spawn
To communicate with the spirits of the night by the voice of your mind.
Cleansing/Healing by your Spirit Guide(s) or Familiar(s) Spell
To Summon Help from the-Elements
A Spell To Conjure Forth A Pokemon
Aid of Abaddon (from wiccans lost book )
Conjuration of Nicksa, king of the undines
create a Fairy to make the world greener
Dark Mother Invocation/Summoning Spell
Get all the powers you want through an amulet or lucky charm
How to Become a Immortal Vampire
How Tto summon the angel of death
List of some gods and what they represent
Pokémon Summoning, or ''Voco Unis Pokémon''
Retrieve an item from your imagination
Spell to become a witch/warlock
Summon a Custom Dog (not fluffy ppl!)
Summon an Evil Gaurdian (Black Mage Only)
Summon the great archangel Michael
Summoning of the first Abyssal Lord: Ćrchaon
The Conjuration of Archangel Gabriel
To Give Someone A Wart On Their Nose!
To Summon an Ancestor and/or Lost Witch
To Summon Thunder and Lightning
king maker
a letter to the fae
anubis scrying spell
baby spell
call a wind
come again thoughts'
dream of a loved one
follow me spell
gods and godesses
invocation to frigg
make a storm
make a wand
naughty spell
past life incantation
sacred stone/leaf
see ghost spell
sleep spell
spell to call a lost sister
spell to summon the dead
summon a faery
summon a spirit wolf
summon night creatures
summon sleep fairy
summon spirits
summon undead dragon
summoning aveli
sunny spell
the orb of piercing light
to call a fairy
a spell to give a newborn/person a demonic soul
call werewolf and vampire at same time
fairytale the magic mirror summon spell
how to see monsters apear in the night formed from objects in your room
provoke an evil spirit in your home
spell to summon the halliwell matriarchs
to induce magic abilities within yourself


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