Finding your spirit animal (UPDATED)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Quiet room
  • Concentration
  • 3 candles (your favourite colour and the candles are optional)
  • Voice

Okay so this is like my first spell but clearer

Casting Instructions for 'Finding your spirit animal (UPDATED)'

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Sit down cross legged
Sit like you're going to meditate
Get comfy
Light candles if you chose to get them...

SIDE NOTE : IF you have three or more different favourite colours you can choose individual ones for the spell. However if you have four or more favourite colours choose ones that match your personality. For example; if you are a happy bubbly person, you can use a yellow candle if you like that colour. Or any bright colour. Hopefully you understand....

Breathe slowly for a few minuets and chant (WITH EMOTION);

My animal within,
Come out and show your light,
Roar, scream, shout or call out to me,
Show me your silky luscious fur
Show me your smooth soft skin
Scales harder than titanium
Spikes sharper then knives
Whatever you may be
You ARE me
I will accept what you are
Whether you are a male
Or female
Please come out
Show me
Show me
Show me...

After saying that close your eyes and concerntrate. You might hear a roar or meow or a noise. Or even see fur or skin. If you are skilled in magic you might have seen it's face. If you have mastered magic you would see all of your animal. Hearing or seeing bits of it means you are a powerful magic user. It took me months to get this spell right. I saw some fur and I knew I was powerful at magic. Hopefully this works for you. This is updated and clearer.


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