Earth Work

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Some earth from outside
  • Brown candle
  • Some water
  • Bowl

to summon the power of earth for steadfastness and steady work for your personal achievements. Helps you see things more clearly and thing things through before you do something.

Casting Instructions for 'Earth Work'

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Sit in a room that is clear from distractions such as the telephone, cell phone, TV, ext... Put the earth in the bowl, light the brown candle in the middle of the dirt, and put hand over flame *** be careful not to get burnt.*** Now add the water to the bowl with one hand. * Make sure you have enough earth to keep the candle in place when adding the water* Chant:

I summon the quaker to my door, thunder hit my floor. Steadfast and true, come and make you my virtue. Steadfast and true, heavy slow, slow as you go, but the right mind through. wet earth fills my senses and makes the body stubborn and true,I need you,I call you,I summon you, help me fight what is my fight.

Now inhale the wet earth just above the candle and feel the restlessness fall heavy, everything becoming slower so you can see things before they should happen, let the earth revive your integrity to fulfill what you summoned it to do. Let candle burn out and throw the contents of the bowl outside. The spell is casted and will last 24 hours. thank the element earth by making compost outside. Just throw some bananas and any decomposing material on the bananas to make it rot and become worm food.


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