Lucifer Blood Summoning Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 Red Candles
  • 2 Black Candles
  • Athame Knife
  • Altar
  • 1 Quart of real Goat's Blood
  • 1 Picture of Lucifer
  • Voice
  • Concentration

This spell is extremely dangerous! Black magic at its fullest. I have done this spell and I hear lucifer now every night.

Casting Instructions for 'Lucifer Blood Summoning Spell'

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First you need to image lucifer in your mind. Then take the athame and point at lucifers picture. Then chant:

I invoke thee lucifer bright morning star you are to show me power and wisdom and help me gain my ever lasting desires.

Then light the candles on the altar all 4 of them .

I invoke thee lucifer,this is my oh divine purpose lucifer to have communations with you, do my bidding lucifer with no strings attached. I ask for the powerful goddess Tyche to aid me in getting you lucifer to obey me.

Then drink the 1 glass of the goats blood . The 2 glass leave as offering to lucifer and goddess tyche. Then wait but something will happen after you do it, make your wishes and demands when you hear the voice of lucifer. This is extreme black magic! And this spellis extremely dangerous. I assume no responsibly for what may happen. Spell by: Modelavery

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