Darker Feelings Invocation

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • Voice (Sturdiness in voice can help if it aids in getting in touch, otherwise, it has no effect)
  • Banishing Supplies (In case a spirit that is too dark or otherwise unwanted attempts to become part of it.

For those wishing to get in better touch with their darker emotions, such as their anger, pride, greed, etc. Only you can determine who you are, this only helps somewhat with unleashing your darker emotions.

Casting Instructions for 'Darker Feelings Invocation'

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Sit down, close your eyes, clear your mind. Imagine a flowing shadowy energy from the environment beaming into your mind. Focus on the emotion you want to unleash. Speak these words when you feel you are ready:

Darkness, infuse me with your (Emotion. Example; anger) and unleash that which hides in the shadow of my being. I ask, but do not command the spirits of the darkness, to aid me in this. To share with me in their emotion, their raw feeling.

Imagine the shadows settling in your mind and you may find the emotion you were looking for heightened to an extant. Now say:

Thank you, to those dark ones who have aided in this ritual. Now let these spirits leave, for they have done their part.

Once complete, check your emotions. If you feel something came to you that you did not want, and it doesnt leave, use a banishing ritual. There isnt usually a specific one you usually need to do, but if there is, you can usually find it in the forums.


This article was contributed by Seraphim2238

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