Summon a Dragon

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 large leaf of any kind
  • 1 clover / leaf of any herb
  • 4 natural items of your choice ( bark, berries, acorn, feather etc )
  • 1 twig
  • Energy
  • Voice

Summons a dragon companion. Extremely easy!

Casting Instructions for 'Summon a Dragon'

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Gather all your items, place the clover / herb in the large leaf, put the 4 natural items on the clover/ herb in the leaf, dig a 3 inch deep hole, put the leaf with the clover/ herb and items in the hole, stab twig through it and bury it. Then, hold your hands over the buried items and put some energy into it, as much as you feel necessary. The 4 items of your choice will influence the type. Putting fire related things will give you a fire dragon. Water related things, water dragon. Earth related things, earth dragon. Air related things, air dragon. Putting one of each kind of item will give you a mix. Come to this spot the next day , put your hands over it and say this 3 times: "Dragons, powerful, swift, brave. I call upon you to please give me one of your own. I will take care of it as it will take care of me. By the power of three, mote it be!. The next day, your dragon EGG should be there. You can put more energy into it to make it hatch faster or let it hatch at its own pace. If you are very lucky, you will get a dragon that is not in the 5 categories I listed! Take good care of your dragon, raise it like your own child. It will protect you from harm. It will live on even after you die, but it's spirit will follow you to the afterlife. Good luck!


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