Connect with Ghosts

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Patience
  • A quiet place

Find ghosts to communicate with. Talk with them.

Casting Instructions for 'Connect with Ghosts'

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This spell can work anywhere, but its a specially good in the early morning in forests or old buildings. From my experience ghosts love that. Step one: Get comfortable. Relax. Take in the world around you. Become aware. Step two: Meditate. This way youll notice thoughts that arent yours coming into your head more easily. Step three: Really reach out. Make yourself present. Tell the ghosts youre there. Open your mind. Step four: Listen for voices in your head. When and if you hear them, ask the ghosts if you can talk. If they dont say anything, theyre just shy. Come back another time. If they agree, you can ask them any question you want! Personal story: I went to an old abandoned farm house in a big field deep in the woods near me. I started speaking with the ghosts there. They were shy at first, but soon I started talking with a little girl ghost named Abigail who died in the 1800s. I go and talk with her almost everyday. I think she likes the company. Make sure to message me if this worked for you! Tell me what kind of ghosts you met!


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