Evocation of Athena

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A long strip of cloth, such as a scarf or altar cloth folded into a long, medium width line.
  • 19 small candles
  • 1 large candle
  • A chalice of water(the cleanest you can get, mountain water works best)
  • A stone, preferably Onyx, ruby, star sapphire, turquoise, gold, lapis lazuli,or ivory
  • Incense, preferably Patchouli, dragon's blood, musk, indigo, orange blossom, cinnamon, or cedarwood
  • Something you value highly (A ring, necklace, note, just something with sentimental value)
  • A small pure quartz crystal
  • Two freshly picked plants (flowers, bark, etc), preferably Geranium, tiger lily, oak, cypress, olive, Hellebore (Christmas and Lenten roses), or citrus
  • Any additional items you wish to have as well, preferably the color gold, orange, yellow, emerald green, or royal blue.

This is not a spell to summon Athena for your own personal gain. Use this ritual only to speak with her. This is a true ritual, one that I have proved works (Read my bio, this is the ritual I originally used).

Casting Instructions for 'Evocation of Athena'

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Perform this spell at high noon, for Athena is a symbol of the sun

Fold the cloth into a hexagon by folding one end across the middle so the end is in the middle about a foot above the bottom of the shape. Do this for the other side. There should be a small triangle in the middle of the hexagon.

Place small candles at all six corners

Place two small candles barely outside all sides

Place the large candle on the cloth at the South side

Place the stone on the cloth at the North side

Place the incense on the cloth (in a holder) at the East side

Place the chalice on the cloth at the West side

Place the quartz crystal on the cloth, just outside of the small triangle on the triangle's side closest to you

Place two plants on the cloth, just outside of the small triangle on one of the other sides of the triangle

Place the valued item in the centre of the triangle next to another small candle

Light every candle

Begin by sacrificing the life of the plants by placing them onto the elements, saying: "By the power of the life within this offering, and the power of... I ask the goddess Athena to speak with me now." Burn the plants and place the ashes onto the valued item.

Allow yourself to become completely calm, watching the flames. You will (Or you might not) enter a trance-like state, where you feel like you could control your body, but don't move. Your vision will focus on only the candle in the centre of the shapes, making the other flames appear to go dark.

You cannot plan what you will say, say what comes to your mind. You may ask her a question, but she might not answer. Try to clear your mind of any voices, because it is hard to discern which is hers. She may tell you something about yourself you did not know, or perhaps she will give you some kind of sign. If she does not come, do not be disappointed, and try again in a few days.

Once again, this ritual is not for your own gain, so do not ask her for anything until you have begun worshiping her.


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