Twin Flame Love Spell

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Last Quarter Moon
Last Quarter
50% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Two Purple candles
  • and your focus and desiere for true love

To summon your twin flame back into your life.

Casting Instructions for 'Twin Flame Love Spell'

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You will need Two Purple taper candles An incense made up of Catnip lavender and rose hips An oil made from Fresh Vanilla bean three drops of your blood and a dash of cinnamon Dress both candles with the oil while you focus on your twin flame See you both coming back together and nothing keeping you apart Once candles are dressed lit your incense and pray to Venus Goddess of Love and beauty to hear your call and bless you with your souls desire. You will say the spell a total of nine times the first time will be when you light the first candle then the second time will be when you light the second. The last seven times you do after the candles have been lit, this should be done on the new moon and please make sure that you keep you heart open
I call upon the anicent power in this time and in this hour
Rlease my twin flame and set him free, let them come here back home to me
by the blessed powers of three times three as I will so let it be

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