General Invocation

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This is a invocation spell. To invoke your god or goddess.

Casting Instructions for 'General Invocation'

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Invocation spells are used to call spirits. In general, they are used to call on benevolent beings ( eg. Gods, goddesses, angels, spirit guides), particularly when you need to make a request of them. Sometimes, witches will invoke dead spirits in order to receive news and advice from loved ones. In some cases, a malevolent spirit may be invoked and then banished, but this is not something I recommend.

The art of invocation is useful and powerful, but it is sometimes a risky area of ??witchcraft. The invocation of angels is normally harmless. Invoking gods or the elements is generally safe as long as you have pure intentions.

However, invoking other types of spirits, such as ghosts or mythical creatures (Elves, fairies, etc) can lead to some nasty surprises unless you know what you are doing and proceed with caution. These spirits may feel threatened or insulted when invoked, and sometimes their intentions and moods can be incompatible with the work that you want to accomplish.

Now that we have those basics established, here is a general invocation spell.

This simple incantation can call all kinds of spirits, both good and bad, with the exception of the dead. One of its main advantages is its specificity: unlike the invocation of the dead, this incantation calls on the specific entity the Wiccan wishes to call, so there will be no surprise visitors. The drawback of this invocation is its low power you will need a good mental connection with the spirit that is to be invoked for this to work. Also note that this incantation is not designed to compel spirits they may choose whether or not to show up.

Invocation Incantation Spell

(Name of spirit ) Wherever you are, I appeal to you On the wings of words that fly, Whatever the distance, Traverse time and space And appear in my presence.


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