Servitors to Egregores

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Just your Servitor.
  • maybe some candles (color is your choice)
  • I assume you have some sort of altar, if not, use a table.
  • See my ''Sigils to Servitors'' spell to get confusion out of the way.

An Egregore is the next step up from a Servitor. This time these artificial spirits are independant and will help you at will, so please be careful; do not create something that you cannot handle.

Casting Instructions for 'Servitors to Egregores'

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   =>Servitors to Egreg
For this step in creating an Egregore, you must have complete and utter concentration.

A talisman or just your original sketch is placed on the alter.
A banishing ritual can be used to get rid of unwanted energy, but you don't have to.
Raise your hands upward and say: " (name of Servitor), I/we call upon you!"
lower hands and say: " (name), come witness this!"
Raise your talisman/sketch up and breathe, as you can feel at least some sort of Gnosis, otherwise known as enlightenment, breathe faster and faster.
Until you feel your Servitor has enough energy (causedthrough the heavy breathing) set the sigil down and get as centered as you can.

Congratulations! The same rules apply with the Servitor, TAKE CARE OF IT.

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