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Spell Index => Spiritual Spells => Power Spells
Power spells belong to the Spirital Spell group, and as such are some of the most magical and powerful spells known. Power spells are also known as Force Spells. Force spells deal with unseen forced in the Universe which sometimes protect us and other times hurt us.

Everyone has control of the forces around them at some level, but the more force you control the more powerful your force spells can become. When you use these magical forces to create a shield around you, spells cast against you by another person have a much lower chance of success.

More Free Power Spells

Help In Casting
Increase Popularity Spell
Invoke the Power of Three
Lucifer's Touch
Magik 101: Basics
More Power Spell
Overcoming your Shadows
Potion Of Power
Prayer to Goddess Kuu
Purification Ceremony
Shadow Chakras
Star Spell
Storing Energy for Beginners
Summon a vampire
Take Energy and Power
The decagram ward
Third Eye Moon/Sun Contact
Titan Spell
To Find Someone
To make water freeze
Transform into a hyena at will
Winds in 2-4 days
A Were-Wolf Spell
Angel of Fireís Chant
Balance the Elements
Bast protection II
Become full Demon/God
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Spell
Call of Power
Calling Upon Tyr
Change Personality and Traits
Charm A Necklace
Consulting the Oracle
Cool off any part of your body
Creating an Energy Stone
Dark Grasp
Dragon Cleansing Spell
Drawing In Magick
Dwelling Blessing
Earthen Rage
Emotional Ripples Of Water
Energizing a Wand Spell
Energy Fist
Enhanced Hearing
Fire Scrying
Four Become One
Gain Power
Garden Spell
Get a Demon inside your heart
How to attract someone.
How To Make a Psi Ball
How to make a staff
Icy Touch
Inner Fire
Kinesis 2 = Psychics
Magic Seal
Magick Spell Jar
Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way
Making your own Spell
Mood Transfiguration Spell.
Moon power
Moon Spell
Necklace of Power
Open your third eye (Real)
Psi Ball Programming
Rain Fall
Shadow Ball
Simple Sight
Spell to change Fate
Spell To Take Powers
Spirit Fusion
Three in one spell
Tornado Control
Triangle of Solomon
Waxing and Full Moon Chant
Wolf Spell
''Merlins'' Protection Spell
. . 3rd EyE . .
3 Animal Transformation
A Charm for Inspiration
Able Spell
Air spell (really works)
Almighty Destruction Spell
Altar Incense
Ancient Powers Rising
Angel Path Spell
Angel Spell
Angelic Transformation
Animal Curse
Another World Skills
Assertion of Truth Technique
Avian Wings Spell
Awaken you're Inner Dragon
Awakening your latent gifts
B.O.S spell
Basic fire minipulation
Be the smartest!
Become a Ghost
Become a half God/Goddess
Become a powerful witch/wizard
Become a Witch
Become a witch spell
Become a Wizard
Become Psychic in 2 Hours
Become Witch/Warlock
Become your Own Vampire
Becoming Spell
Bending Flame
Better Singing
Binding of the elements
Black ash
Black Mana Control
Bless a Pen
Blessing Charm
Block an Attack
Body Sleep
Bowynn 3rd Eye Chant
Bracelet of the Xul
Bring life
Butterfly Wings
Call On The Rain
Cat spell #2
Chakra Opening Servitor
Channeling your Magick
Charm Empowering
Cheetah Cub Spell
Choose your Guardian Demon
Clairvoyance Spell
Climbing Spell
Cold fire
Common Werewolf Spell
Connect with Nature
Control the Elements
Control Water Spell
Courage Wisdom Power
Create a Spell
Crystal empowering spell
Curse sealing scroll and mark
Dancing Flame Spell
Dark core increase
Demigod Spell
Demon Spell
Destroy shadow people
Doru Petras
Draconic wand
Dragon empowerment
Dragon summonning
Dragon Transformation
Dream Elements
Earth ball
Earthen Rage
Eddie Naquin Jr
Electric sparks to the hand
Element Control: Fire
Elsa Ice and Snow Powers
Elsa Ice Powers Reallly Work!!
Elsa's Snow Powers
Enchant Any Item
Energy Blade
Energy Spell
Energy Tea
Enhance Telepathy
Exchange Gifts
Fade Walking
Fallen Angle Seal
Fang Spell
Female Beauty Spell
Figuring Out Your Power
Find Your Element!!!
Finding lost items
Fire ball chant
Flame Attratcter
Forribiden Spell
Fulguratio Albicans
Future Power Spell
Gain Power spell
Gaining Power
Gathering Energy From Humans
Get Animal Chat
Get any Power Spell
Get more magi powers fast
Get rid of Negative Energy
Go to another world *tested*
God spell*works*
Green Light Spell
Grounding/Well Being
Hades darkness power spell
Half Goddess and Half Demoness
Harvesting powers
Healing Potion
Hellfire (Lucifers' Echoes)
House Protection
How to become a vampire
How To Create An Energy Ball
How to get Powers
How To Make A Spell
How to Make a Spell
How to Make Your Own Wand
Hydrokinesis Spell
Ice and Snow Powers
Ice powers
Imagination Stretching Spell
In Power an Object
Increase your Magical Ability
Information on vampires
Invocation for Help
Invoke Poseidon
Invoke Zeus
Keep your cool
Killing a Bad Habit
Laws of Magic
Leo Oil
Long Life Spell
Lucifer Blood Summoning Spell
Magic Flame
Magic Spell to Switch Talents
Magic Unleashed
Magnify an Enchantment
Make a Wand
Make what you want happen
Making a Poppet
Mantra to Maa Kali
Mermaid spell
Mermaid spell that WILL work.
Mermaid spell works in one day
Mirror spirit
Money Tree Spell
Nature's Hand
Necromancy beginner spell
New God Spell
Notice Me Spell
Obtain the power to spit acid
Patron Power Spell
People Pusher I
Phone Work
Pillar drive
Pokemon Spells
Power Beyond
Power Chant
Power Compromise
Power Enchantment
Power for Spells
Power of a Dragon
Power of Saturn
Power of water: ribbon magic
Power Spell
Power Summoning Spell
Power To You spell
Power-up any Element Spell
Powers of 3 Spell
Prayer to Father Enki
Protection Spell (spell bible)
Psi Ball
Psi Crystal
Psychic Power Spell
Psychic Training
Quileute Wolf
Raise the Dead charm
Read Characters Out Of A Book
Real Mermaid Spell
Reborn Spell
Relaxation Ritual
Ring of vix
Roar of the Dragon
See Energy
Self Confidence Spell
Sense increasing spell
Shadow Chakras
Sigil Magic in Air
Simple Wizard Spell
Sirens Song
Smart Spell
Spell Binder
Spell to Aquire Water Powers
Spell To Become SuperMan
Spell to Gain Powers
Spirit Arrow
Strength of the Body
Strength spell for half demons
Summon Inner Power
Summon Wind
Summoning Anyone
Sun light spear
Super form
Super Powers
Super Saiyan God
Super speed spell
Swirling Ki Technique
Take Someone's Power
Take the light
Tea charging spell
The Angel Spell
The Dragon of the Earth
The Dragon of the Tides
The forms of Draconic Fury
The Posiedon Effect
The Star Brand
The werewolf spell
Third Eye Opening
Third Eye Spell
Time Fly By
To bind powers
To Check If You Are A Vampire
To Claim your Stolen Powers
To enhance creativity
To have a vision
Turn into a fairy or fly
Unlock Ice Aura
Vampire Lord Spell
Vampire Spell (Tested Plenty)
Vampire spell different
Vision Incense
Wand Creation
Water Powers
Weapon Charging
Wind Away
Wind Obey
Wind Powers
Wish Spell
Wish Spell (Tested)
Wish spell?
Wizard spell
Wolf Night Eye
Wolf Spell
Working God Spell
Wrath of the Dragon God
Yule ritual
Zeus Daughter
6 Elements Invoking
Angel of Earthís Chant
Angel of Waterís Chant
Angel Protection
Aura Beam
Awaken something Hidden Inside
Balances the Chakras
Basic Ki Blast
Become a Half God
Become Psychic
Blessing an Item
Blue Flame
Burning Insence Power Spell
Calmness, Memory, and Thinking
Cat spell
Charging a Wand
Cleanse the Cards
Control Wind
Courage, Wisdom, Power Spell
Dark Interprise
Dragon Fist
Dragon Force *Tested*
Drawing spell
Empowerment of Nature
Enchant Item for Luck
Eye Color
Fairy spell that really works
Find your Element Ritual
Fire Claw
Flower petals
Fortune Cookie Spell
Full Moon Candle Charge
Getting Element Powers
Give up powers
Have Lunar powers
Holy Transpirtaion
How to become a mermaid
How To Gain Wind Powers
How to Make A Witch
Imbue a candle with magic
Increase magic power
Indian Energy Technique
Invocation to Odin
Ki ball shieldding
Ki Kick
Learn Cryokinesis
Levitation Spell
Link your mind with the world.
Magic Potion
Make a Group Circle
Male Witch Spell
Mermaid Spell
My Peaceful Sleep Spell
Open the Third Eye
Per of Eternity
Power of Eternity
Power spell
Powerful Elements
Psi Ball
Relaxation Mantra
Ritual to make a Spell
Sage Cleansing Ritual
See the Energy in the Air
Self-Purification Spell
Simple Prayer
Snake Abilities Spell
Spell to become a Cat
Spell to Get What You Want
Spirit Honoring Spell
Strengthen your magick
Summon The Dead
Superior Fire Spell
Talk to your pet Not tested
The Goddess
The Spell of Revelation
To Break a Spell You've Cast
To create a Termoployan Stab
To Improve your Hearing
To take someone's powers
Transform into Creatures
Turn into a vampire
Unlock your Dark Aura
Vampire Spell
Verus Lamia Alica
Water element enhancement
Wisdom Sapientia
Aqua Instabilis Charm (Water Shifting Charm)
Become any werebeast everynight
Child of the Moon (not in English)
Correspondences-Kitchen Witch Herbal
Demigod Spell same as other but forgot to make it work with girls
God spell (boys only),Goddess spell (girls only) and Demon spell (for boys and girls)
Make time go a little bit quicker~
Mermaid Spell H20 Girls Maybe It Will Work 4 You
Ritual To Awaken Magical Awareness
Traditional Witches Ladder Spell
A Spell To Call Hecate To Aid Your Magick
Another God Spell (i tested this it worked for me) If you are reading this no fucking with the names of my spells i name them what i name them for a reason and stop removing spaces and screwing up the wording it's pissing me off because then when people try them they won't work.
Become a Drinker Spell (Vampyre)
Finding and Naming your Familiar
Meditation Help And Useful Tools
To call on Ancestral Entities to Banish Evil/Negativity
*FOR EMPATHS ONLY!* To Sense the Emotional Atmosphere Around You
A Small Prayer For The Struggeling
Banish darkness using the Orbem Potentia
Become a Hybrid like on Vampire Diaries
Become a witch/warlock off the vampire diaries.
Become half demon/demoness (really works)
Beginner Wiccan Ritual: Create a magick talisman
Better Singing Spell ~ MermaidTale
Emergency Protection Spell (Spanish)
God Spell (Warning instant and permanent) i tested this it worked for me.
Herbal Relaxation and Spiritual Healing oil
How To Control The Four Elements
How to read minds as a half demon
Invocation to Mother Earth/ Goddes/ Gia
Levitating People/Things Using Wind And Your Mind
Out with the Old, In with the New
Power of the earth Arcane spell
Put something in someone's mind
Spell to become a witch/warlock
Summoning Hatred and Energy By TwistedPig
This is just the side effects of the Titan spell
To Give Someone A Wart On Their Nose!
To Liberate Someone From Your Life
Vampire spell *USE AT OWN RISK*
A Simple Dowsing Pendulum By:Vulpix
Courage, Wisdom, and Power spell by vampdiaries
Destiny Behold: an invocation of the witch spell by Shadow Star
How to Dress and Bless a Candle with Drawing Energy
Mermaid Spell That Will Work (SummerLove)
Spell for Astral Travel In Your Sleep
To bless one with a bout of confidence
To Liberate Someone From Your Life
how to make a wand
info on vampires
lightning attack
vampire spell (full moon)
magick arrow
meditational fire
a spell to become a slayer
alchemy spell
angel powers
balance the elements
become a werewolf
bless an object
bring me back home
create a ring
demon reveal chant
earthen strength spell
energy of the gods
forgiveness spell
get any power
god spell(really really works)
how to feel energy
light body intro
light body meditation prt 3
lords prayor
mermaid spell (works)
p3 power
power spell 908
power-gaining spell
psi energy bal
purifying blast
shape shifter
spell to invoke the elements
strenth spell
tame ligtnig
to recieve witch powers
travel through time
water power
a curse of lycanthropy
break a spell or curse spell
control wind
demonic healing spell
gain the poweres from charmed
how to do a element spell
making a homemade candle
real mermaid spell
stone power boost
true power
wish spell
a witch spell that will make you a witch
become a vampire, the strongest one!
chilling hand(only for high lvl mages)
god spell(really really works)2
how to hold b w g magic at once
simple spell to get rid of someones powers
tranceformation for every animal
control elements spell and potion (mikkah325)
tap into the triquetra: power awakening
Incantation for Skill
Invocation to Satan
Invoke the three power
Magic Energy Store
Mana gather
Mugwort used for;
Potion of Energy
Power Ring
Precog potion #1
Reception Spell
Smart Spell
Stop the Rain
Strawberry Ink
Summoning Hatred and Energy
Take power from moon
The Mill Chant
Three Things
To Change A Person's Mind
To Give Encouragement
To Recive Witch Powers
Water Bonding
~Aura Shield~
Amulet Of Magic
Archangel Michael Prayer
Basic Energy Focusing
Become a vampire
Black Magick Meditation
Book of Shadows Blessing
Call To The Elements
Candle Power
Chi Ball
Controlling Aura Balls
Create Aura
Draconic Empowerment
Dragon Side *tested*
Dream Power
Earth Energy Linking Spell
Element finding spell
Empower and Ascend
Energy Binding
Energy Spell
Fast Luck Oil
Florida Water
Freedom From Pain
Gain Power from the Trees
Good Luck Locket(EASY)
How to become a Demon
How to make a Spell
How to use magik
Increase Psychic Vision Spell
Invoking The Powers Spell
Lycan Spell by Wolfatoh
Magick Orb
Make A Powerful Wand
Make a Wand
Mermaid Transformation Spell
Moon Meditation
Moon Soak
Moon Water
New Moon Milk Bath
Positive Energy Chant
Prayer to the Goddess
Protection Spell
Psychic Awareness Spell
Rite of Transformation:
Shape Clouds
Simple Blessings
Spell Binder
Spell To Get What You Want
Spell Writing
Third eye opening spell
To Become A Fairy
Trap an evil spirit
Unity charm
Wish Manifestation Spell
Zeus' Prayer
-Magic Power Booster-
13 Goals of a Witch
3rd Eye Enhancement
A God Hex Note
All Being Meditation
alusul Vampire Spell
Angel Demon Hybrid Spell
Angel Spell
Angel Wings Prayer
Anger running
Another God Spell
Answer spell
Aura Claws
Awaken a lost power
Awakening The Darkness Within
Azrael's Touch
Basic Agility Spell
Basic Sabbat Lore
Become a Demigod.
Become a God
Become a mermaid
Become a vampire instantly
Become a Witch Spell
Become a Witch/Warlock
Become powerful in magic
Become the child of any demon
Become your Own God
Becoming Mermaid Spell
Being a fairy spell
Bending Flames
Better Singing
Binding of Shadows
Binding Soul
Black Magic
Bless a Magical Pen
Blessed Water Wishing Spell
Blessing Oil
Blood Linking Spell
Bond with the God(dess )
Bowynn 3rd Eye Spell
Break the Power of a Spell
Bring Out the Sun
Call a Witches Power
Cat Spell
Cauldron Prophecy
Changing your eye color
Charm A Ring
Charm power
Chokru Bolt
Clairvoyance Potion
Clear Sky Clear Vision Spell
Clone an Object
Colour change
Connect with an Element
Consecrate a Room
Cool Off
Create a Spell
Create a Spirit Animal
Crystal Energy Spell
Cursed to Human
Dark Aura Cleansing
Dark Energies
Demon possesion
Demon Wolf Spell (Better)
Djinn Summoning
Draconian Empowerment
Dragon Egg *tested*
Dragon Spirit
Dragon Traits
Dragon's Scales
Draw Down The Moon
Earth Armor
Earth Rising
Easier Element Control Spell
Egyptian Mummy Protection
Element Reveal
Elsa ice and snow powers #2
Elsa's ice and snow powers
Empowerment Spell *tested*
Enchanted Power Ring
Energy Fuse
Energy Tea
Energy warmth technique/spell
Enhance Your Magickal Power
Exorcism/ Exorcizamus
Fairy Sight
Fallen Angle Spell
Fear Me Always
Figuring Out Your Power
Find Your Element
Find Your Elements
Finding Your Element
Fire claws
Forest Power
Friend's Seal
Full Power
Gain Power
Gain the Third Eye
Gaining Power
General Charge for Spell
Get any Power
Get Fame, Power and Fortune
Get powers spell
Get the answer you Want
God Spell
God/Goddess Spell
Grow Wings Spell (2016)
H2O mermaid spell
Half Demon With Blue Flames
Hard Black Magick Spell
Healer Mage Healing
Health (self)
How to Be a Fairy
How to consecrate a book
How to do Voodoo Magick
How to go to The NetherWorld
How to Make a Spell
How To Make a Wand
How to run REALLY fast
Hydrokinesis_Water Move
Ice Powers
Ilusion Spell
Immortality Spell
Incantation of the Stars
Increase Your Will Power
Inner fire Power
Invoke Hades
Invoke the Elements
Kame-inspired energy blast
Ki Healing
La' estoire mangos
Laws of Magic (CorpseAngel.)
Light Body Meditation
Lose Weight Faster
Magic Charm
Magic of Friendship
Magic Strength Intensifier
Magik 102: Elemental
Make a Power Ring
Make it Rain
Make your self warm
Making Air Weapons
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid spell working spell
Mind Reading
Mistress of the House Powder
Moon Child Spell
Nature's Hand
Negative Energy Summon
Ninjago Spell
Object Blessing
Overnight Wish Spell
Pegasus Wings for your Horse!
Pheonix Flame
Physic Abilitys Enhance Potion
plant power spell NOT TESTED
Power binding reversal spell
Power Charm
Power Divison
Power Enhancing Herb Jar
Power Multiplication Spell
Power of All
Power of the Dragons
Power Sort
Power spell
Power Swap
Power Wizard
Power/emotion shifting spell.
Powers Spell
Protection spell
Protezione degli Angeli
Psi Ball
Psi Link
Psychic Reception Spell
Quick Hypnotic Induction
Rain come to me.
Raising the Power
Real fairy spell
Really Powerful Rain Spell
Recover your Magical Energy
Rewind Spell
Ritual of Immortality
Sabbat Game
Seeing Auras
Self Esteem
Senses Blessing
ShapeShifter Spell
Sheild Spell
Simple Mind spell
Singers Dream Voice
Sleep Spell
Special Elemental Chant
Speed-up a Slow Computer
Spell for get a New Power
Spell to become Demi-God
Spell to control water
Spell to make a spell
Strength in Magick
Strength of the Wind
Summon a Fireball
Summon the sun Powerfully
Summon Your Spirit Weapon(s)
Summoning The Wind
Sun Strength Spell
Super power spell
Super Powers
Super Speed for a Day
Super-strength spell
Switch Powers
Take Somonse Soul
Tarot Spell
Teen Wolf Season 2
Telekinesis Spell
Temporary Dragon Soul
The Crucio Curse
The Dragon of the Flames
The Dragon of the Winds
The Four Elements
The Sleeping Potion
The Sun Spell
The Witch's Call
Third eye opening
Third Eye Rite
Thirteen Powers of the Witch
Time Travel (for real)
To Break the powers of a Spell
To Claim Your Power
To Clear your Mind
To gain a stigma
To increase one's powers
Unpredictable Spirits
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell by L.Lilith.
Various Powders Used in Magic
Water Spell
Welsh Fairy Spell
Wind & Air Call
Wind Bound
Wind Power Spell
Wish Ball
Wish Spell
Wish Spell ~ MermaidTale
Wizard power spell
Wizard to wizard
Wolf Blood Spell
Wolf Transformation Ritual
Working Werewolf spell!
Writing your own spells
Zapping Powers (Tested)
Magical creature potion
A simple wish spell By:Vulpix
Adjust your Aura
Angel of Spiritís Chant
Angel of Windís Chant
Angel spell
Aura Reading Spell
Azlene's Sight Spell
Banishing Bad Energy
Become a Drainer
Become part Spirit
Birth Wish Spell
Blood Spell
Buck Up Spell
Calling Upon Thor
Cast a Circle Spell
Charge a Crystal Pyramid
Chi Release
Compressing a Ki Ball
Create Sacred Space
Dragon Elements
Dragon Force (Beginner)
Dragons Blood
Enchant an Item Spell
Energy Poison
Fairy Spell
Fast Book Reading
Finding Your True Element
Fire Spell
For the Troubled Insomniac
Friends with the Devil #2
Full Moon Candle Charge
Gift of Magick
Harleen's Rusty Nail Spell
Herculean Strength
Home Protection Spell
How to become part Ghost
How to get ice powers
Human Levitation
Improve Psychic Vision
Increase senses abilities
Invocation to Hecate
Ki ball
Ki Blast
Koldunic Ritual
Learn To Use Expression
Lightning Summon
Maa Kali's Protection.
Magic Senses
Make Hot Sauce Hotter
Mana Super Form
Meremaid Transformation
Method to Gain Full Power
New Year Full Moon Spell
Pagan Blessing
Power Inscence
Power Spell
Power Spell
Protection Bubble Spell
Psychic Herb Jar
Reflect Instinct
Removing A Powerful Curse
Sacred Water
Scrying Spell
Seer's Potion
Simple air spell
Skill Point
Soul Drain
Spell to become a Werewolf
Spell to Steal someone's magic
Stolen leaf clover
Summon Big face
Summoning Magic Items
Take My Powers
Tansha Hail storm
The Next Level
Tiger Spell
To Bring A Storm
To gain the dark arts.
To protect your strength
Toy Alive
Trap-a-Spirtit Charm
Unleash your Dark Half
Vampire Spell
Vampire spell!!!!
Water Control
Weather Invocation
Yin and Yang
Become A God/Goddess With This Spell
Best Spell to Become a REAL Vampire
Conjuring the Mermaid Within You
Dark Side: Conceration of an Amulet. (CorpseAngel.)
Enchant Herbs and Candles for success
God Spell (warning can be permanent)
Mermaid spell (by NightFurysss)
Mirror Gazing to Contact the Spirit of a Deceased Loved One
To Bar The Lies & Hear The Truth
Turn u into a fairy in one hour(works)
Ancient Chakra Balancing Meditation
Banish the negative energy from your home
Chakra Healing & Chakra Balancing
God/Goddess spell (updated tested by me a works)
Spell to achieve Mermaid powers
Get the Power of JASHIN!
A Chant to Become More Empathic
Advanced latin mindreading spell
Banish Evil Spirits and Negative engery
Become a warlock(really works)!!
Become a wizard/witch, like Harry Potter.
Become more Powerfull in magick
Best Mermaid/Merman Spell Ever (Complicated)
Elemental psychic power increase spell
Gain more energy to Aid your Powers
Harnessing your Demi-god Powers
Here is the God Hex again some letters were wrong on my other one
How to make attributed Psi Balls
How to shoot fire ice or water out of fingers or hand
Invoke The Prime Element Within Yourself
Male Witch Spell No.2 Note: No fucking around with the names and wording of my spells.
Permissioned for Spirits or Ghost
Psychic Blood Curse Amplification
Spell to become a twilight newborn
Spell to separate a witch from her powers
The Purpose & Power of a Witches Hat
To Bar The Lies & Hear The Truth
To Increase Your Psychic Abilities
To summon the power of telekinesis
Wind spell(Only for air elements)
A slightly complicated Fairy Spell
Create a Western Ceremonial Magic Mirror
Dragon Shifter (New And Improved!)
How To Summon Your Own Cat With Powers!!!!
Prophetic Visions - Truth Spell
Spell to become a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To Empower a Container for Potions, Oils, or Salves
To See What Supernatural You Are
how to summon a demon
jumbo's touch
*a new vampire*
make the wind blow stronger
power to wish
understand animals
advanced psychic vampirism
an awesome mermaid spell
art skill reveal
banish your power
become a wizard
breath fire
control an element
dark fiary spells
dragon trasformation
every witch way spell
get a helper
get possessed spell
gro wingz
ice spell
light body meditation prt 2
lightning charge
mermaid spell
night vision
personal power crystal
power spell
power transfer
pray to the gods
psi fist
shape shift
spell to become a super saiyan
spirit of darkness
summon devils trident
to become a vampire
to steal from another witch
walk on water
water power
become a shadow hunter
call magic energies
delsin rowe smoke power
enchantment spell for anything
holy vampier spell
how to make a wand
power finder
spirit crystal creation
the spell of a thousand storms
vampire spell
a spell to gain great witch powerss
ancient latin dark empowering spell
become the best singer in the world
create an elemental thoughtforms
here's a spell to become the demonwolf or dracowolf or the demonicdracowolf as a combination
power of the three(give powers to others)
this is just how to transform when using my werebeast spell to be any of them.
awaken you're inner wolf spirit
solitary full moon esbat ritual


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