Traditional Witches Ladder Spell

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After doing a search I was very disappointed to find not a single ''Witches Ladder'' spell on this site which followed the traditional form. A Witches Ladder is comprised of 3 lengths of material braided together, adding 3 feathers every 3 inches while chanting. The Witches Ladder is one of the most versatile spells ever discovered because there is no specific requirements as far as colors, gems, anything. You need only the strings and feathers, and you can work for anything.

Casting Instructions for 'Traditional Witches Ladder Spell'

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At midnight within the circle, braid together three cords. Every three inches, add into the braid three feathers: one from a rooster, raven, and pheasant. Visualization and concentration are key.

With every trio of feathers, picture adding to your spell. The power will grow. While braiding keep your goal in mind, and incant the following:

"Three by three, times three again,
Cord and pheasant, raven, hen;
Bound in braid, by inches three,
What I conjure, come to me!
Feathers fly, carry the power,
By dark of night, the witching hour!
That this spell will come to pass,
Three Moons shall this ladder last.
To be burnt when its' work is done,
Love, Truth, Joy; three are one!

When completed, keep the ladder hidden safe for three lunar months. Then it is to be burnt for its' power be done.

This article was contributed by Dakota1324

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