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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your wand (strongly required)
  • A sorce of: fire, water, earth ect.

Do you want to find your element? Well im not sure if this works because its my first spell so tell me if it works :)

Casting Instructions for 'Find your Element'

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Ok, so first make sure you have all of your ingreients. So take your wand and point it up to the sky and say:

Oh dear gods and goddesses, help me find my element, so mote it be!

Say that 3 times,then take your wand and hold it with your righting hand and point it at the other. do u feel the energy? Well if you do,you are on the right track. so after that move your hand slowly across the, candle that is lit on fire, the bowl of water, and the pile of dirt rocks or whatever the earth provides. then if you feel more energy when you are moving your hands over one of them then thats the one you want, if its, fire say:

Oh dear gods and godesses fire is my element, so mote it be!

Then take you wand and burn the tip of it then blow the candel out... if your element is water say:

Oh dear gods and godesses water if my element, so mote it be!

Then drink the water... if earth is your element say:

Oh dear gods and godesses earth is my element, so mote it be!

Then take the dirt, rocks or whatever and put them in between you hands and rub 6 times... then say:

Oh thank you dear gods and godesses, I have found me element, so mote it be!


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