To Bar The Lies & Hear The Truth

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Focus/Concentration
  • Willpower
  • Good intention
  • A clock (preferably analog, but digital works fine as well)

To bar the lies and hear the truth. This spell allows the witch to hear only the truth from others' mouths for the rest of the duration of the current hour, so it's best to perform this at the start of a new hour.

Casting Instructions for 'To Bar The Lies & Hear The Truth'

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To perform this spell, look at the clock and observe what time it is: the more into the hour you are, the less time you will have for the duration of the spell, which is why it is best to use this spell at the start of a new hour.

Look at the Hour Hand on the clock (if you are using a digital clock, just look at the time) and chant these words:

As this hour passes round

Be these words forever bound

Bar the lies that seek an ear

Let the truth be all I hear

After the hour in which you cast this spell ends, the spells energy is sufficiently spent and your Magick is done.

*Witches with negative intentions using this spellto hear the truth from others might find that it does not work for them, or that it backfires in some which way, because this spells alignment is of good, benevolent Magick and is only to be cast if you truly need to know the truth about something!


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