Become a Drinker Spell (Vampyre)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Night (recommend) or day
  • Candle(s) (optional)

This spell provides the caster to temporarily become a Drinker (or vampire) note, its impossible to permanently become a vampire by a spell. Can last up to a year.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Drinker Spell (Vampyre)'

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This spell is best done using an enhancer spell beforehand.

Light the candle(s) (optional)
Chant five times:

"Hear now, for I am the thirsty creature that long desires sharp, canine teeth as a wild beast,
for survival, I ask thee, give me the gift of sharp fangs, so mote it be."

This spell is temporary Note, it is impossible to permanently become a drinker (vampire) by spells.

You may become a drinker or drainer.
You may "feed" off certain energy sources. Either a more concentrated form such as blood, saliva (kissing), etc. or less concentrated form, such as sound waves, heat rays, electricity, auras, glucose-based energy, energy that surrounds the bodies of those with abilities, etc.

-Vampires are not sensitive to the sunlight. (if so, its from enhanced sight or enhanced senses)

Not all vampires will have any enhanced senses. Some have only speed, some have only strength, some have both.

For more information on signs that the spell worked, PM me.
P.S. also, if you want the enhancer spell, PM me. Or you can look up another enhancer spell on this site. (either way, the enhancer spell is on this site) lol


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