Elsa ice and snow powers #2

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 blue candle or light blue candle
  • 1 white candle
  • Belief
  • Picture of snowflake/ drawn has to be colored does not have to be perfect
  • Belief in Greek god and goddesses

A spell that I made and many people wanted another one so here it is.keep the picture of the snow flake

Casting Instructions for 'Elsa ice and snow powers #2'

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First put candles in front of you but make sure picture is in the middle of both candles but not on the paper
Put blue or light blue candle to your right and white to your left
Now you put your 2 hands on the picture

Say this spell 1 time:

"Boreas and Khiorne please listen to me I want to have the powers of controlling and making ice and snow from either hand.I will be able to adapt to the coldest environment and temperatures, with these powers I can creat anything I want, I will be able to creat snow storms. I can create a snowman and it will come to life and have a joyful life and funny personality, but make it do harm to none, But with new found powers will become my weaknesses , these powers will not be a curse but, they will become dangerous if I I'm not careful about my powers. If I get scared or mad I will freeze everything and snow will fall. So shall it be!"

The side effects for the spell is
- your hand will start to hurt
- you will feel cold
- your hands will be cold
- May or May not happen there will be a snowflake on your hand depending on the person
- headaches
- wanting to sing

Mail me of u have any questions :)


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