Become a witch spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ĽA picture of the full moon or you looking at the full moon(optional)
  • ĽAn image in your mind of what you would look like and what powers you chose
  • ĽA friend(optional)

This spell is made to become a witch. Not like in vampire diaries or whatever. I based this spell off of User211428's spell. SOME CREDIT GOES TO THEM. I don't know if it works so I would love if you guys could message me if the spell worked or not. Remember this May or may not work for everyone. Spell works in one week. Good luck and Blessed Be.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a witch spell'

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1. Sit down outside on a full moon. Don't worry you can just sit outside I it's not a full moon.

2. Imagine, while saying the spell, you using your powers. Imagine you being amazingly happy using whatever power you chose.

3.Say three times. Oh spirits of the great witches please listen to my plea. I wish to be one if you so I can fly joyful and free. I wish for the power of (element) and (element). I beg and plea for the power of wonderous flight as well as to wish anything I desire infinity. I ask for amazing agility, the strength of 10 men, and entrancing beauty. I plead and pray for my magical power to be heightened so every spell would work. Oh spirits of the great witches I will ask only once more, for you to awaken the power buried so deep inside of me and let me have complete control of it. I thank you and bless you for listening to my calls. Please grant me this wonderouspower.
SO MOTE IT BE(say this last part loudly)
4. If you are with a friend say it together.
5. Spell works in one week.
Side affects
?Possible vomiting(rare)
?Random power surges(only for the element you chose)
?Witch dreams(such as you flying and/or using your powers
Elements achievable
Abilities gained as a witch
?Amazing beauty
?Unlimited wishes
?Your hidden power revealed
?The two elements you chose
Good Luck with this.


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