become a vampire, the strongest one!

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
24% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • full moon
  • needle, but anything that can break the skin will do
  • a drop of your blood
  • candle

this will give you a major power of your choose that can develop.
symptoms if change occurs:
head ache, feeling constantly parched and super speed and strengh

Casting Instructions for 'become a vampire, the strongest one!'

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   =>become a vampire,
look at the window and think of words to describe the moon then light the candle infront of you in the moon light.
give me a enchanted life of immortals, the un dead.
stare into the flame and focus of nothing but it,then chant,
powers of thy un dead rise, pull yourself across these skys,
bring me a vampire life soon,
as this candle light crosses the moon.
then prick your finger with the needle and pour 1 drop of blood onto the flame, do more until the flame goes out.
then think of your self with ruby red eyes fangs with blood dripping from them. if you wont hunt humans, but animals then imagine gold eyes
and then chant
take my mortality, me personally make me feed on blood and live in the night, i shall be alble to (name power) then sleep in the morning you should awake seeing yourself with ruby eyes, mortals shall not be able to see it though.

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