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Spell Index => Beauty Spells => Attractive Spells

These attractive spells will all generally make the target of each spell either more or less attractive. These spells can not be reversed, instead they just wear out over time.

Caution should be taken when casting more then one spell at a time on any single person. Often attractive spells will backfire when cast ontop of each other.

More Free Attractive Spells

Beauty Cleanser
Curly or Straight Hair
Inner Beauty
Softer Skin
Beauty Spell
A real and working love spell
Abdominal change
Akasha's Lust Powder
Aphrodite Glamour Spell
Apple Love spell
Attraction Charm
Attraction pouch spell
Attraction Spell
Be a Love Magnet
Beautification spell
Beautiful Face
Beautiful for a Day
Beauty Bath
Beauty in Love
Beauty of Aphrodite
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Become a mermaid
Become one with nature
Bewitch your love
Body Change
Body Rebirth
Break Up A Relationship
Candy Store Spell
Change Eye Color
Change Your Eye Color
Change your eye color
Change your eye color.
Charming Star Beauty
Cleansing beauty bath spell
Crazy powerful love spell
duanes Attraction spell
Everlasting Youth
Eye color Change
Eye color Spell
Fairy Spell¢¾ Really Works!
Female Beauty Spell
Flying Spell
For a Lover to Come to You
For Better Hair
Full Moon Love Spell
Get a Kiss Spell
Get your lover
Hair growth spell.
Herb Spells
Herbal Milk Bath
Hoodoo Money Candle Spell
Increase Your Attractiveness
Invocatin of the Horned God
Invoke Aphrodite
Kaitlyn's Love Spell
Lavender Potion
Look like Desired Self
Love chant
Love me spell
Love potion
Love Potion
Love Potion Tea
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love without seperation
Lust Potion
Magnificent Attraction spell
Make a Guy Love You
Make a Spirit Call You
Make someone Attracted to You
Make Someone More Attractive
Mend a Friendship
Mirror Beauty Spell
Money Doubling-Spell
My Weight Loss Spell
NEW mermaid/merman spell
Perfect Teeth
Petals of Beauty
Popular Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Relaxing Bath
Salty Seawaves Spray
Self Image Spell
Simple love potion!
Simple Powerful Love Spell
Singing voice spell
Sirens call
Slimming Spell
Smooth Skin
Smooth Skin Spell
Spell For Clear Skin
Spell of Magnificent Beauty
Spell To Lose 20 Pounds
Strength Spell
Summon Beauty from Within
Sunflower Sex Appeal
Sweet Strawberry Love Potion
To Draw a New Love to You
To Find a New Lover
To get a Kiss.
Ugly Appearance
Vampire Spell
Vervain Youth Spell
Warts Be Gone!!
Weight loss spell
Weight Loss Spell!
Well Spell
Werewolf spell
Youth and healing
~Eye color change spell~
''make someone dream of you'' Spell
Draw Love Into Your Home (Love Spell)
Make Someone Fall in Love with you Love Spell
To have a person think about you
To Win the Heart of the One you Love
'Spell of Adonis (Previously known as ''The Lady Killer's Charm'')
Acoda's Attraction Oil (for men)
Attraction Charm *Simple & Easy*
Become Ten times more beautiful
Bless a brush to quicken hair-growth
Change your eye color!!! ( Actually works!)
Cleansing Beauty Bath (or shower) Spell
Easy Eye Magic- By XoXBlackKittyXoX
How to get your girlfriend to agree
Spell of Adonis (Previously known as ''The Lady Killer's Charm'')
Spell witch bottle on beauty of face and body
To break the bond of love (Potion)
To loss the weight of your body
To Make People See You As You Want to Be Seen
Ugly WereWolf Spell: For You & OTHERS!
become a mermaid when wet
animal attraction spell
beautiful body
becoming a mermaid
bigger breasts spell
burn off fat
change eye color
clear as night
cord of love
dream of your true love
duanes undo spells
faster hair growth
girl attraction
lose weight spell
love potion #9
love spell
love spell (2)
mermaid spell
my little pony spell
real mermaid spell
siren spell 1 by lunamage
the animal ear spell
ultimate love spell
a spell for your crush to like you (horsgirl66)
how to make a love potion *real*
making something or someone look ugly by victoria5534
Blood and love charms
Easy Spell for Lucious Locks
Inner beauty
To bring Romantic Love to You
*Attraction Charm*
A-Magical Pomander
Acoda's Anti-Acne Spell
An Herbal Beauty Charm Spell
Appearence Change
Are you guys truly in love?
Attraction Oil
Attraction Spell
Aztec Temple Enchantmant
Be beautiful/handsome
Beautiful Appearance
Beautiful Face
Beauty and Attraction Spell
Beauty Eternity
Beauty Incantation
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Become More Attractive
Better skin potion
Bigger Butt Spell
Blessed Fruit of Beauty
Body of Aphrodite
Borrowed Beauty
Breast Enchancement Spell
Celtic Love Spell
Change something about you.
Change your eye color
Change your eye color!
Changing your skin color
Classic Love Potion #9
Clear Acne
Decay Someone's Beauty
Elemental Vampire Spell
Eye Changing Spell
Eye Color Change Spell
Eye Colour Spell
Female Breast Enlargement
Fooled Appearance Spell
For Beauty
Full Moon Love Spell
Get a Familiar
Get long hair really fast!
Green Eye Spell
Haksim spell
Healthy Love
Herbal Charm to Attract Love
Hoodoo Diet Spell
Immortal Beauty
Inner beauty
Invoke Aphrodite
Isis Love Spell
Lady Killer's Charm
Lilth Seduction Spell
Look like desired self
Love Azula
Love Me Or You Will Die
Love potion
Love Potion
Love Potion #9
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell it Works
Lover Spell Really works
Magick Mirror Spell
Magnificent Attraction spell
Make a rosé live longer
Make lover attentive
Make Someone Less Attractive
Make Yourself Irresitible
Mermaid Spell
Mirror Weight Loss Spell
My Homemade Vampire Spell :D
Needle wish spell
Nice Skin Spell
Perfect teeth
Physically Change Body
Potent Love spell!
Red Eyes! (black magic)
Revival hair chant
Self Confidence Spell
Show me the one Spel
Simple Love Spell!
Simple Prayer
siren Charm
Smaller or Bigger Senses
Smooth Skin
Soul Mate Hex (Chaotic)
Spell For Soft Skin
Spell to change eye color...
Stone Love
Strong Desire Sex Spell
Summoning Succubus or Incubus
Super Simple Lovespell
The Fre-du-Jon beauty spell
To Coverse With A Serpent
To feel Beautiful
To Find Your Soulmate
To Strengthen Attraction
Ugly Face
Vampire Spell
VERY Beauty spell
Water Powers
Weight Loss Spell By Kk
Weight loss/gain spell
Werewolf spell
Wishing For Love
~Attract Him~
~The Sirens~
10 Ways to Attract Love and Beauty
Encourage Weight-loss (Formatted)
To Create Opportunities for Love
To make someone attracted to you!
Amulet-spell for the unfading beauty
A Simple Spell For Finding Love
Attraction Charm *Simple & Easy*
Become A Newborn Twilight Vampire.
Black Magic Spell to Attract True love
Celebrity find you on Facebook
Change your eye colour super easy!
Dreams of Delight Potion Fragrant
Extremely Powerful Weight Loss Spell
Personality, Talent, and Look Spell
Spell to change color (complete)
Talisman to Meet your Perfect Match
To cause one you love to become ten times more beautiful
To make one fall in love with you
To obtain Love from a Specific Person
Use healing rocks for attraction
fast hair growth
aphrodite's will
beauty spell
better musical voice
body switch potion
calling a love
check for love spell
clear skin
dream of me spell
duanes undo spell
get away from me
lose more wieght
love potion
love spell
love spell
lust for me spell
morning dew spell
pition time
seashell of love
switching bodies spell
to relive a book you just read
become the best singer in the world
desire me spell that really works
lucious locks and beautiful eyes spell (mikkah325)
to be the most beautiful person in the world


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