Change your eye color.

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 white candle (optional)
  • One mirror (mounted on the wall)

Have you ever wanted to change your eye color? Now you can.

Casting Instructions for 'Change your eye color.'

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If you are using a white candle, light it before you begin your spell. And you must make sure the candle is not close to anything flammible or in a closed space for thou shall leave the candle burning if you want the spell to work good. If you need to, you may move the candle into an open area. Make sure you blow the candle out the next morning you when you wake up. Keep a window open so you don't choke over the excess smoke and die. Do be careful with this spell and believe in this spell. To change your eye color, you must stare through the mirror into your eyes until you can imagine them slowly changing color. Then close your eyes and imagine the color you want your eyes to be. Imagine it fading to the original color, and back again to the color you want it to be. Then go to sleep that night thinking of the new color. Wakeup the next morning and look in the same mirror. Your eyes should be a different color. Blow out the candle. Redo spell if nessesary. And when you go to bed the next night,as well as other nights, make sure you always think about the color you want your eyes to be.


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