lucious locks and beautiful eyes spell (mikkah325)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -water
  • -dried flower petals (any kind)
  • -pentagram on a piece of paper
  • -candle (any color)
  • -voice
  • -peace and quiet
  • -belief in magic
  • -a place to burry the pentagam and flower petal ashes

well this is my first spell so if it doesn't work im sorry. for the candle it's best if you use one the color you want to change your eyes to, you don't have to though.

Casting Instructions for 'lucious locks and beautiful eyes spell (mikkah325)'

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Wet your hair, make sure it's COMPLETELY soaked. Set down your pentagram on a flat surface. Then set your LIT candle in the center of the pentagram. Make your middle and index fingers touch one of the points on the pentagram, and have your other hand hovering above the candle. When you feel the heat from the candle going through your hand burn 2 of your flower petals in the flames, then say this spell 2x.

"Lucious locks is what I want, and (any color) eyes that I may flaunt, stretch my hair and make it grow, like a river going to and fro, no knots in my hair are to be found, it grows until it touches the ground, glimmering in the dark of night, my eyes shall show but not too bright, my eyes shall shine like the evening star, they shall be the prettiest by far, oh goddess Aphrodite of love and beauty, this is my will so mote it be!"

Then burry the ashes from the flower petals and the pentagram you used somewhere safe. After you burry these things put both hands on the place of which you buried them and say: "THIS IS MY WILL SO MOTE IT BE!" 4 times

well that's it and hope it works for you. if not message me, if so then message me the side affects and how long it takes for the spell to take affect. thank you for taking the time to read this spell, and please rate this spell


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