Beauty in Love

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Apple juice
  • Clear cup to drink in
  • Ability to visualize the person you ''like'' (as in romantically like- to whatever degree)

This will make you look nicer. It does not attract love or anything of that sort, but it will only work if you already have a crush/are in love/something like that.

Casting Instructions for 'Beauty in Love'

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1) Pour the apple juice into your cup. Only pour as much as you can drink.
2) Visualize the person you "like"
3) Whisper 3 times into the cup: "Apple, apple, passion fruit,
If (s)he's my true love, make me 3 times as cute."
4) Still visualizing, drink the whole cup.
5) Once you finish, close your eyes and imagine him/her fading away while smiling

Warning: This did not get the person I visualized to like me any more that he already did, nor did it do said effect to my friend, however you should still be careful. Love spells to control one particular person are extremely dangerous and can be considered unethical by others. This spell was not intended for that use. Once again, you should still be careful. Use at your own risk.
Should work anywhere between one day and one week.

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