My Homemade Vampire Spell :D

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -a few ice cubes
  • -red flavoring or KOOLAID
  • -A Cup filled with water
  • -Nighttime
  • -Dark
  • -Quiet
  • -Inside or Outside

My Sister and I made this the other night.I don't know if it works.I AM NOT LIABLE FOR ANY SIDE AFFECTS. BE SAFE.Good Luck!!!Mail me if it works and any other side effects.This is one of my first spells!

Casting Instructions for 'My Homemade Vampire Spell :D'

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1.Gather your ingredients.
2.Pour your red flavoring packet into the cup of water slowly while saying:
This red flavoring represents the blood I shall crave as a Vampire.
3.Stir it very well.
4.Then drop the ice cubes in while saying:
These ice cubes represent the temperature of my skin as a vampire.
5.Stir it around again.
6.Say this spell:
Make me immortal cold like I'm dead,
Sharpen my canines and make me crave red,
Let the Sunlight tingle but not burn me,
Give me _____ eyes and I'll be the picture of beauty,
Sharpen my senses make me fast and strong,
let me control others but never in the wrong,
Vampires of the night make this me,
This is my will so mote it be!
7.After this Drink the entire drink and eat the ice cubes.Let the ice cubes envelope cold all around your body.

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