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Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent
9% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Water
  • Clear wrapping
  • Bowl
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Waxing gibbous
  • Full moon

The title says enough.

Casting Instructions for 'Get your Lover'

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Do this on a waxing Gibbous moon. Take the bowl of salt water outside when dark. Make sure the moon shines on the bowl. Dig a small hole and put the bowl in it make sure you can still see the bowl.Take the notebook paper and the pen and write the names(first and last) of the boys or men you like. Put a small battery in the bowl a small hand held mirror and a penny in the bowl. Put the names in the bowl and cover the bowl while clear wrapping. Every night go out and check the names and chant this every night:

For the hope of my love for not evil. The chance to see the sight of love. Show me my one true lover.

After a few days youll see drown spots forming on the names every day whoevers name has the least brown on it make sure they give you something(if not just take a pen or something). Everytime you get something from them put it in a small hole next to the bowl. On the next full moon look at the names the ones that have the most brown on it take it out along with anything they gave you and burn it (if it cant be burned take as far way from you hose as you can)(Take the ashes and put them in a jar and make sure its never broken put it in a attic or somewhere safe be sure to forget were it is)The one name that has the least brown on it take out and put it in clear wrapping and put it in a stream or pond somewhere that has water then wear everything that person has given you the next day and hell do something to prove he likes you.


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