Soft Skin

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Clean Warm Bath(Not hot nor cold)
  • Lemon Juice(Half Cup)
  • Witch Hazel(Fair amount)
  • Something that makes you relax(Music, candles, etc.)

This is a spell you can use if you want soft skin. On occasion, it can make you look younger too.

Casting Instructions for 'Soft Skin'

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Start your bath just like you normally would. But make sure its not hot or cold. Just in between. When its full enough for you, and the water is settled, get your Lemon juice. This is important, because if its to hot or cold, it will dry out your skin and youll get opposite results. Pour the half cup of lemon juice all around in the bath water. Wait for it to settle. The lemon juice is good for your skin and moisturizes it and gets rid of any bad odor. Take the witch hazel and mash it up or grind it. Then, put in your bath. Its fine to do this before you start because depending on how you do it, it could take a while and your bath could get to cold. Witch hazel makes your skin look and feel better. Its often used as a toner, but doesnt dry out your skin. Before you can get in your bath, get something that makes you relax. Like music, candles or anything. This helps your body release tension and it calms your muscles down. Now your ready to take your bath. You should stay in for at least 15 minutes for a good effect. Enjoy!


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