Aphrodite Glamour Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Love oil

A spell for temporary glamour and to clear acne from your skin - also includes a recipe for love oil.

Casting Instructions for 'Aphrodite Glamour Spell'

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Put some Love oil on your hand and visiulize it shining and streaming bright pink light as you chant this:

I call your beauty, I cal your light, oh dear goddess Aphrodite! Clear my skin of zits and acne, shine your beauty and point it at me! All of peoples eyes on me, my beauty shines, so may it be!

LOVE OIL RECIPE: Its best if you use extra virgin olive oil for this... Put a whole rose blossom in the oil, seal it up nicely, and let te rose and oil rest in a cold dark place (not a fridge thats too cold!), for about 2 weeks. Shake the oil every day once. When you done that, filter the oil through a clean cloth, and add these herbs to it;
-Cinnamon -Cloves -Rosemarry -Apple peals You can use either dried, or fresh herbs! Again, leave it in a dark and cold place for about 2 weeks, shake it a little about once every day. Filter it through a cloth again, and its ready for usage! This is called cold infusion...these oils last for about 2 months...then they get spoiled! You can also use this oil for dressing candles but they usually dont have a strong smell so theyre not good for incense!


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